Learn What Herbal Incense is Made Of

Herbal incense or synthetic cannabis is allegedly to contain a combination of conventionally utilized medicinal herbs, as according to its manufacturers. The medicinal herbs that were used are claimed to come up with mild effects with the general combination bringing about in a cannabis-like intoxication created by the formulation. The following are some of the common herbs listed on the packaging of some of the best known brands of herbal incense:

  • Leonurus sibricus
  • Nelumbo nucifera
  • Zomia latifolia
  • Leonotis leonurus
  • Pedicularis densiflora
  • Scutellaria nana
  • Nymphaea caerulea
  • Canavalia maritime

When the products were tested however by the laboratories in Germany and even in other places, it was indicated that a lot of the distinct fingerprint substances that are anticipated to be present from the supposedly plant components were not present. Also found to be present were huge amounts of artificial tocopherol. This indicated that the actual components may not be the same as what was indicated on the packaging. In addition to this, in November 2008, a German Government Agency has conducted a risk assessment test of the product concluded that it was very unclear where the artificial tocopherol had originated, what the actual plant components were, whether the subjective cannabis-similar impacts were actually yielded by any of the supposed plant components or rather may most likely be brought about by an artificial cannaboid drug.

There are several benefits that we could obtain from the utilization of herbal incense. The most basic concern is of course having the feeling of being relaxed. When utilized, the use of herbal incense generates a feeling of calmness. When performing meditation or yoga, most people commonly use it. Herbal incense can lessen the negative impacts of anxiety, stress and even depression. In addition to this, it aids in improving your quality of sleep. The soothing and pleasant aroma lessens the feeling of being anxious and provides serenity.

Not too many of people are aware of what it is an herbal incense. At its best form, herbal incense serve as an effective alternative medication that focuses on the utilization of aromatic herbal ingredients.

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