The Herbal Incense Controversy

K2 is considered as one of the most famous popular brand name selling herbal incense on the market. The term synthetic cannabis is usually the name utilized by adults and by those people who are not so much inclined towards this drug.

Artificial marijuana is actually considered as the most accurate term used to refer for herbal incense mixtures because the effects of such products are very much alike to the restricted marijuana drug. The product provides a feeling of euphoria that brings about to a particular kind of behavior being exhibited by popular singer Miley Cyrus in one of her videos. Somebody who has used herbal incense may in fact seem to be intoxicated by cannabis. The only difference is that herbal incense is still legal in majority or the states in the U.S. as well as all over the world.

So how come that there is such a turmoil in the United States with regards to herbal incense utilization? Many of the condemnations roots from the strengths and impacts of the medication, although there are also much complaints when it comes to the drug being marketed to young adults and even to teenagers and making it very accessible for them to purchase such drugs.

It is a fact that majority of the people who use herbal incenses are college aged students and teenagers, a lot of them are not even old enough to consume alcohol. Artificial marijuana has developed to become a means to get high at parties as well as in private without having the dangers of being arrested for the possession of cannabis.

Making use of herbal incense in conjunction with a physical exercise such as yoga as along with meditation may get the user a feeling of relaxation. This product provides a very soothing and a good sense of relaxation and at the same time, improves the quality of sleep. With the use of herbal incense, you could be able to lessen the negative impacts of tension, depression and anxiety. These are the very benefits of making use of herbal incense. You may also be able to use herbal incense to promote sleep and obtain a feeling of calmness.

Learn What Herbal Incense is Made Of

Herbal incense or synthetic cannabis is allegedly to contain a combination of conventionally utilized medicinal herbs, as according to its manufacturers. The medicinal herbs that were used are claimed to come up with mild effects with the general combination bringing about in a cannabis-like intoxication created by the formulation. The following are some of the common herbs listed on the packaging of some of the best known brands of herbal incense:

  • Leonurus sibricus
  • Nelumbo nucifera
  • Zomia latifolia
  • Leonotis leonurus
  • Pedicularis densiflora
  • Scutellaria nana
  • Nymphaea caerulea
  • Canavalia maritime

When the products were tested however by the laboratories in Germany and even in other places, it was indicated that a lot of the distinct fingerprint substances that are anticipated to be present from the supposedly plant components were not present. Also found to be present were huge amounts of artificial tocopherol. This indicated that the actual components may not be the same as what was indicated on the packaging. In addition to this, in November 2008, a German Government Agency has conducted a risk assessment test of the product concluded that it was very unclear where the artificial tocopherol had originated, what the actual plant components were, whether the subjective cannabis-similar impacts were actually yielded by any of the supposed plant components or rather may most likely be brought about by an artificial cannaboid drug.

There are several benefits that we could obtain from the utilization of herbal incense. The most basic concern is of course having the feeling of being relaxed. When utilized, the use of herbal incense generates a feeling of calmness. When performing meditation or yoga, most people commonly use it. Herbal incense can lessen the negative impacts of anxiety, stress and even depression. In addition to this, it aids in improving your quality of sleep. The soothing and pleasant aroma lessens the feeling of being anxious and provides serenity.

Not too many of people are aware of what it is an herbal incense. At its best form, herbal incense serve as an effective alternative medication that focuses on the utilization of aromatic herbal ingredients.

The Truth about Herbal Incense

Until now, there has been no official study that has been conducted on the effect of herbal insence on humans. While the effects of herbal incense, or synthetic cannabis are not very well documented, extremely huge doses could lead to detrimental health effects that are in general, not observed in users of marijuana, like vomiting and elevated agitation. The first man who has synthesized a lot of the cannabinoids utilized in herbal incense, Professor John W. Huffman was quoted stating: “Individuals who utilize it are a bunch of idiots”. These people have no idea of what it can do for them. A user who have reported to take in 3 grams of herbal incense daily for a couple of months have showed symptoms of withdrawal, much very alike to those that are linked with withdrawing from the utilization of narcotic drugs. Physicians who are treating the user have also noted that the use of such product have yielded symptoms that are linked with addiction. In addition to this, a single case has been reported wherein the user, who has already suffered from marijuana stimulated episodes of recurrent psychosis from before, has suffered from the reactivation of the same symptoms shortly preceding the use of herbal incense. The psychiatrists attending the patient have recommended that the lack of an antipsychotic compound, one that is similar to cannobidiol present in the natural marijuana may cause artificial cannabis more probably to stimulate psychosis as compared with natural marijuana.

Herbal incense does not yield a positive result for drug testing for cannabis or any other prohibited drugs utilizing immunological screening methods, multi-targeted detection by LC-MS/MS or GC-MS-detection with library search. A research has been done into the screening of the metabolites of JWH-018 found in the human urine; such metabolites are primarily conjugates of glucoronic acid and could be dependable screened by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS.

A lot of people are actually attracted with the use of herbal incense since these products are believed to have mental benefits when it comes to aromatherapy. The neutralized mental states that such herbal products can invoke are widely accepted through a lot of civilizations and have been existent for many years. During this modern era, herbal incenses are considered as an important part of aromatic therapy.

The Advantages of Using Herbal Incense

When a person is confronted with so much restlessness and fatigue, there are several ways that they could opt to do and take into consideration to bring about total relaxation that they have been wanting. They will be able to achieve it by going for a soothing body massage, going for a spa salon, meditation and with the use of aromatic herbal incense.

By conducting a number of articles and reviews regarding herbal incense, you will be able to find out that there is a wide array or earthy extracts, substances and materials that have been widely utilized and these have been in order to come up and develop an incomparable herbal incense product. Majority of people who have utilized such products in conjunction with their yoga sessions as well as meditation, to achieve a relaxing and soothing surrounding through the entire duration of their meditation.

When herbal incense is burned, it generates a distinct natural earthy odor that produces a pleasing and sophisticated fragrance. This fragrance can flush away all the stress to experience a fully relaxed surrounding and serenity and the feelings that you will only achieve through the use of herbal incense.

According to some reviews on herbal incense, it was indicated that the use of such product provides certain benefits due to its aroma’s therapeutic effects. Its distinct fragrance aids an individual to obtain relief from stress- associated anxieties and concerns.

This product, if utilized inappropriately has a number of harsh results and the side effects are similar like those of cannabis. One could develop an addiction to the incense if they are not cautious and this could be a very risky thing.

In this regard, people who make use of herbal incense for therapeutic purposes must be very cautious on the amount that they will actually use do that they will not be affected in such ways which they had not opted for. For individuals who make use of herbal incense for health concerns, it is considered to be one of the best methods to go about it due to the fact that is actually enhances the quality of an individual’s life.

The use of herbal incense could be very effective and safe if controlled and utilized properly in different methods. Although, prior to deciding to go against the cautions on the label, you must do a bit of research first.

What are the Benefits of Herbal Incense?

Along with the modern means of performing things coming up with each day, more individuals are searching for better means that will definitely make sure that they live a comfortable living. This practice actually tends to make life a lot busier and majority of people do not get to have enough rest as needed. This result to experiencing fatigue that a lot of people are experiencing due to the very fact they tend to work more than what their bodies can actually handle and as a result, they could feel very restless.

When a person tends to feel this way, there are a lot of methods available in order to make them more relax and ensure that they will be back to living a normal life. These methods include some use of meditational cure or going to a salon or a spa for a full body massage. There are also some of those who actually prefer using herbal incense.

The utilization of herbal incense is gaining more and more popularity with time. This product is actually a conventional fragrance that is utilized in religious practices. Herbal incense was once used as a means of driving away misfortunes as well as bad spirits that were causing a negative impact to the lives of the people. There are also some people who made used of incense as a form of their meditation as well as in conjunction with their yoga sessions so that they could feel more relaxed when they are having the actual session. This is primarily due to the reason that when this herbal incense is burned, it generates a distinct earthy fragrance that has a very pleasing odor. This smell is very refined that typically make sure that whatever stress you are experiencing will all be lifted away.

Among the many benefits of herbal incense is the very fact that it is a therapeutic method of alleviating stress from an individual and it also fades away the anxious feeling that a person may be experiencing. This is made feasible by the pleasing fragrance that it is generating when being burned and this has actually assisted a lot of people who have been suffering from problems concerning stress.